Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kris Wilson - Architect

Another visitor that came to our class was Kris Wilson. He is an Architect. He came and talked to us about sustainable/Eco houses. the first thing that he showed us was the definition of the word sustainability- Living and interacting with our environment in a way that can continue so that mankind and the environment can remain healthy and happy into the future. i found that really interesting. then he told us all the things that you need to have a sustainable. If you want a sustainable house some of the things you need to remember are.... that small is good, we need like a passive and active solar design, high levels of insulation, efficient heating, ventilation and efficient lighting. so those are just a few things that it can take to help our environment. so i reckon that anyone can help us and that we need you to take action now before its to late.

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