Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sustainability argument

Don’t you think it’s better to be clean and green rather than mean. Well if you would want this to happen you need to be sustainable. The definition of sustainability is: to live and act the most environmental friendly way to help our planet survive and prevent global warming. I think this would be the best way to live, don’t you? So I am going to tell you why I think everyone should live in a sustainable way.

Now we live in a pretty laid back world right now. The weather is alright, the earth is marginally clean and everyone, well most people are really happy. But do u want your future generations to be living in a dirty unhealthy dried up world with not much food and heaps of diseases. Well most people wouldn’t, and if we don’t take action now this may just happen. Like for example we have had drastic changes in the weather in the past few years and now the pollution levels are rising. Also with the amount of bags in landfills nowadays we need to buy those reusable bags from the supermarkets to help our planet survive.

Also, think about all the land that maybe once was a forest or a crop that has just been turned to apartments, shopping malls or even landfills etc it is wasting up our own natural space. We could need this in a few years time but that won’t happen now because it has been demolished. We only have 1.32nd of our earth left that is useful for growing food or natural resources. Now you have to admit that is pretty bad and yet we just keep building more and more building that completely ruin the environment. Soon we will have like food or medicine and that wouldn’t be good now would it?

Another thing that would be a great idea is that we could grow our own veggies. That way it would help us save all those shopping bag that you put them in and help us control the landfills. There has been about 200 landfill in NZ and only 60 of them are open now. My opinion about that is that, having so much waste is just revolting! We need to control this and fast!

So I have now told you most of the reasons why we should live sustainably and be green and not mean. So just have a think about it but living sustainable is the right choice.