Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eco footprint diary

With the 3 things i have chosen to stop doing to help save the environment i have been doing surprisingly well. I havent been using glad-wrap instead i have been using that baking paper of those glad-bags. And with m shorter showers well that isn't going so well but im working on it!
then i am turning off my lights and other stuff when im not like in the room!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eco footprint diary

well to help our environment i have decided to.........

* Save Water- I plan to do this by.....
- having shorter showers
-turning the tap off when I'm not using it like when I'm cleaning my teeth.

* Save Power- I plan to do this by........
- turning off the lights when I'm not using them
- switch off appliances When not in use
- unplug my phone charger during the day

* Reusing- i plan to do this by.......
-in stead of using glad wrap I'll get those Glad bags and wash them then use them again
- make sure i cant use a like drink bottle more than once so i dont throw it out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kris Wilson - Architect

Another visitor that came to our class was Kris Wilson. He is an Architect. He came and talked to us about sustainable/Eco houses. the first thing that he showed us was the definition of the word sustainability- Living and interacting with our environment in a way that can continue so that mankind and the environment can remain healthy and happy into the future. i found that really interesting. then he told us all the things that you need to have a sustainable. If you want a sustainable house some of the things you need to remember are.... that small is good, we need like a passive and active solar design, high levels of insulation, efficient heating, ventilation and efficient lighting. so those are just a few things that it can take to help our environment. so i reckon that anyone can help us and that we need you to take action now before its to late.

Jo, Clement and Lauren - SIFE Students In Free Enterprise

During this week we have a few people come and talk to us about sustainability and topics that kind of surround that area. Jo, Clement and Lauren were some of the people who came and we learn heaps about sustainability and also about warm farming. Some of the stuff he told as was that only 1/32 of the earth is still left for farming. That is amazing! So the whole world gets fed and most of its food is grown on 1/32 of the earth. now with so many people in the world that isn't allot of space or food. another thing is that in New Zealand alone there is 1000 closed landfills and 60 that are actually open. That is pretty bad to think that like there are closed landfill around New Zealand that we probably walk over everyday and imagine the smell of some of them!. the next thing we did was about worm farms and how useful they can be. What we did was we went outside with our class rubbish bin and they tipped it onto the ground. then sorted it out into 3 different groups which were citrus fruits, food scraps, paper and then just other general rubbish. then we found out that 1/3 of our rubbish actually only needed to be in the bin the rest could be recycled or put into warm bins. so that was a very drastic change. but now i can understand sustainability and i want to make a change in the environment!